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    EIGHT DAYS AWAY. Where to begin... Last year was a turbulent one. I witnessed one of my closest friends fight for his life against drug dependency and beat it. I saw indescribable acts of human depravity in the form of numerous terrorist attacks. I also saw completely selfless acts of human kindness and pure love. I had friends pass away, and friends give birth to new lives. Last year...

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    Ampersand Members! Check out this exclusive tour blog from Tino. Stay tuned for more!

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    Hey everyone! We wanted to let all of you know that VIP Meet & Greet opportunities for our upcoming North American tour are now LIVE Head over to the contests page for more information & sign up to meet us in your city! Can't wait to meet all of you! -OM&M


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    Hey, it's me, Lara. I'm probably as excited as many others of you for the upcoming tour! I got lucky this year and already saw OMAM twice. One time at Nova Rock in Vienna and the other time at Southside in South-Germany. Southside was literally unforgettable! I waited in front row as soon as the tent opened (which was like 11am???) At 2pm my friend who loves the band just as...

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    So this will be exciting. This is my first time using something like this when it comes to meeting bands; I've met up in person with local bands before and ones that I would perform with, but never a big one. And now I'll possibly get a chance at the Roseland Theatre here in Portland. The last time they were here was in June 1st 2015, back when Austin was still in the band and just a few days...

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    Happy August everyone! Have you been checking the Ampersand Exclusive photo & video albums? A bunch of new stuff has been posted from OM&M's shows in June... and more to come! Keep an eye out for another live chat and more contests as well. Make sure you're following The Ampersand on Twitter, and join the exclusive FB group: Follow on Twitter: @AmpersandOMandM Exclusive...

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    Hi everyone ! SO MANY THINGS HAPPENED in Paris and Strasbourg... it's still so unreal to me. The show in Paris was last week, the show in Strasbourg was yesterday. I miss them more than ever... I made threads on twitter (which btw is now @HeadbanginQueen and no longer @xBringMeOMaM) about the different shows because lots LOTS of things happened and it was easier to make a thread...

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    It seems to get a bit quiet here at times. I understand some features on here don't work properly, but I'm at least glad that there is a website for Of Mice & Men with features that can be interactive. What's new? Planning on seeing OM&M anytime soon?

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    Just pre-ordered mine :D It cost $27nzd total but so worth it . Loving the new tunes!

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    Has anyone been through this problem of getting a band together all because of mentioning Of Mice & Men? They may not be up there with Killswitch Engage or Dillenger Escape Plan as far as Metalcore is concerned, but I love their material. They shouldn't be ignored. If they're not into the band that much, they could at least know the pros and experiment with them rather than focusing so much on...

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    Hi everyooooone ! I'm seeing Of Mice in 9 days and I'm just so excited !!! I'm seeing them in Paris and Strasbourg (and maybe Lyon) ! I've never been to Strasbourg before so I'm glad to visit my own country to see them ahah Not ready to wake up at 3am, to leave my house at 4am to walk croww my entire city (one hour walk WOOP) to go to the train station and take a train at 5am to...

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    We leave for our upcoming tour dates in EU & UK. Leaving my lady and my pup is never easy, but I'm so incredibly excited to see so many familiar faces overseas. If you're coming to a show, let me know which one in the comments!

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    So today the boys did a live chat here, and I was so sad to miss out on it. I had to work during it, but I still bought my membership anyway today. Figured there will be future ones, plus I want to support them in anyway that I can. Most people on here know who I am via instagram/twitter already. Also, I just wanna add that I absolutely LOVE the new songs "back to me" and "unbreakable"....


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